I am learning better English

It is very important to speak English. It interesting to learn other languages, since I come home to you at Christmas. I speak fluently also Finnish and Swedish, but it is not so easy to learn new and keep the old knowledge in mind. In Lapland people also speak ”saamenkieli”, a Lappish original language, which is spoken in the most Northern Areas of Lapland.

I have an idea!

My international friends can help me with different languages. They can speak, write, sing and make things for me in many languages. They are really bright and have promised to bring their knowledge of Christmas for the children of the world.

My Nerd-Elf, my Teaching-Elf, Nörttitonttu, will be learning me how to make my blog at least in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, French, Estonian, Swedish, Russian, Thai, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch and what other languages there is.


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