Santa Claus visiting at the Christmas of the Museum


A short story of candies

It was a cold winter day in Finland when Santa Claus went to meet children before Christmas. There were a lot of children at the village museum with their parents. Santa Claus had some candies in his pocket, but they disappeared suddenly since the children were so eager to taste candies.

– What to do now? There is not any sweets left and a lot of children were coming to the area.

He went to a little house of Mrs. Santa Claus and asked for help. She knew this would happen and had brought much candies in advance. Santa Claus was so happy, because he might be a bit unpractical with these kind of things.

Mrs. Santa Claus was also drawing elves at the museum. She was happy to help Santa Claus with the candies.

Näyttökuva 2017-12-17 kello 23.21.56

Santa Claus is seeking in vain for candies in his bag, but there are none! He goes to Mrs. Santa Claus and will get them there. All are happy!



Santa Claus got a big bag full of candies from Mrs. Santa Claus to give the children at the museum.

The Story of Mrs. Santa developed into business at Oulu Business School (AACSB) 2015

Who is Mrs. Santa Lady?

Mrs. Santa Lady is a real person, born in 1950, the same year as the wife of president Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt visited the Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi, Finland to see, how the UNRRA aid was used after the the Second WW.

Mrs. Santa Greetings

Santa Claus Finland. Illustration copyrights Mari Pohjanvesi

Crafted men built a cottage for the president Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor

Eager and crafted men in Rovaniemi made a timber cottage (a log building) for her in a big rush, out of timber stock taken just right from the River Kemijoki. It took only one week, and the cottage was built and ready for beeing able for the presidential group to send post cards with stamps from Lapland and the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi.


Finnish animals

Nordic design of Finnish wild animals by Mari Pohjanvesi.

The Brand of Mrs. Santa Lady as a Business Model

The brand of Mrs. Santa Greetings was not after all developed in a week, but Mrs. Santa had taken a lot of photos, videos, written blogs, been in the social media and working as a teacher for over three decades.

The student group of Uni Oulu developed the idea and saw a potential enterprise in the media visibility of Mrs. Santa´s own performance, brand creation and marketing small enterprises of Lapland and the Northern Finland.

That was a refresching and different view at creating the the media of its own as Mrs. Santa Lady by young students.

This group of four students and other groups started pitching their business ideas to each other. Each group developed their own ideas into real businesses for international purpose with scientific theory backgrounds.

Two weeks pitching in 2015 the business idea of Mrs. Santa Greetings – Sharing the Christmas Spirit Year-round was a better idea, since the Santa Claus of Finland is copyrighted and even mostly made by the advertising agencies since the beginning of the 1950´s.

A student from India was interested to bring his family to Finland to meet also Mrs. Santa as well as Santa Claus in Rovaniemi, Lapland. Maybe that happens at some time. Wellcome to Finland!

Korvatunturi, the Fell of Ear in Lapland, Finland

In Lapland there is also Korvatunturi, the Fell of Ear, where Santa Claus is living, and also the City of Rovaniemi with Santa Claus Village. Santa Claus Finland is a remarkable Finnish brand, made with the help of the Finnish Government and many creative people from Lapland. The fact that makes other (Nordic) countries envious, like maybe also the North Pole in the US.

From drawings to digital stories

In 1957 the teacher by name Lisa at elementary chool in Lappajärvi made drawings on the chalk board, all kinds of pictures, stories, numbers and words so fabulously, that Mrs. Santa also decided to became a teacher. She was a role model for the little girl, whose impact would last life-long.

Studies at the university of Lapland at Rovaniemi made Mrs. Santa a teacher in 1979. Now Mrs. Santa tells even digital stories wit the help of applications.

There are still tiny watercolors, some sheets of acquarel paper and brushes on the desk waiting for an old-fashioned story to be told.

Christmas and the elves

Fanny little elves are like children, who sat in front of Mrs. Santa all her life at school. Usually the children decided what to draw on the chalk board, how the story would go on. Make a simple circle, the ask what it is and continue the story by drawing more motives while children are watching. They make stories, since they have such a rich imagination!

Put all the children to school!

It can save the world, if every child in the world can read and write. That is an ambitious goal, but not impossible, if we understand all the big possibilities for us to live in a good and ethical world.

Global content production from Lapland and Northern Finland


Mrs. Santa makes global content production of drawings, photos, videos and stories mainly in English, maybe also in Chinese.

Social media a challenge

The new social media of China would be a challenge, but a possible view with the help of smart Chinese students at Oulu University and the University of Applied Studies. Children and their parents in India, Africa, America, Australia and Asia might like to know about the Finnish Mrs. Santa.

Finland, a tiny little country in the Northernmost part of Europe

Our market is the whole world. Mrs. Santa Greetings will share Christmas Spirit Year-round all over the world, like China, India, Africa and Australia.

We tell people of our wonderful country with forests, blueberries, lakes, bright sky, fresh air, vast mosses, and friendly but ”non-spoken” people. We tell people good stories of our wild animals, like wolves, bears, arctic foxes, foxes and moose.

There are the so many people in other continents, that it is impossible for Mrs. Santa to understand it. She has lived in the vast countryside, with a few people, and in the Northern Finland and Lapland under the bright sky and Aurora borealis.

Also we Finns love Lapland, forests, lakes, all the seasons with different colors and experiences. Extreme conditions of Nature. We teach our children love for the Nature.

The newspaper Rantalakeus

The local newspaper of Rantalakeus found, that Mrs. Santa has divorced from Santa Claus! No, no, it isn´t true. We are just happily together, me and my husband. The newspaper found instead the real story of Mrs. Santa Claus making on impact.

In this story only Mrs. Santa plays a role of promoting the idea of education of the children of the world. The Finnish story of her real existence in a modern way of digital storytelling.

Finally, Santa Claus is just a fairy tale person, living in Lapland, but the story of Mrs. Santa is a real person living in the Northern Finland, in Oulu Area.

Visiting Linnukka school

Mrs. Santa visited a Finnish elementary school in Liminka, Northern Finland. The teachers and the pupils were waiting my greetings from Santa Claus from Lapland. ”

I found the other horn Rudolf, The Red-Nosed Reindeer had lost in the forest. Here it is! You know, that reindeer change horns every year, so the found one was just natural!


Hei vanhemmat!

Meillä kävi luokassa Joulumuori. Muorilla oli päällä punaiset huopavaatteet. Hän kertoi joulupukin satuja. Hänellä oli mukana nukkejoulupukki, laukku ja pornsarvi. Joulupukkinukke oli mukana, koska muorilla oli ikävä oikeaa joulupukkia.

Muori kertoi ja näytti satuja ja näytti kuvia.


I D-luokka


Näyttökuva 2015-12-1 kello 14.31.05

The first snow flakes coming down on the trees

Näyttökuva 2015-12-1 kello 14.27.15

Children put their clothes and shoes tidy on their places at Linnukka elementary school.

Näyttökuva 2015-12-2 kello 20.27.54

Hello parents! We had a visitor from the fell Korvatunturi, where Santa Claus lives. It was exciting!

Näyttökuva 2015-12-2 kello 19.01.17

Mrs. Santa told at Linnukka school about Santa Claus, elves, Lapland, reindeer and s story of a found reindeer horn.

Entisajan joulumarkkinat Oulunsalossa

Christmas Market in Oulunsalo 2012

Entisajan joulumarkkinat vuonna 2012 vetivät väkeä myyntikojujen ääreen Oulunsalon kotiseutumuseon pihalla.

Kotiseutumuseon pihalla pidetään taas joulumarkkinat entisajan henkeen. Myyjät pukeutuvat vanhan ajan tamineisiin, myytävät tuotteet ovat pääasiassa itse tehtyjä ja rekvisiittaa pyritään laittamaan entisajan malliin. Moni kaivaa mummon kätköistä lyhtyjä, liinoja, huiveja, takkeja, kenkiä, leluja, tarvekaluja, jotka kuljettavat meidät menneisyyteen. Se mikä jonkun mielestä on uutta, onkin toisen mielestä jo ikivanhaa roinaa.

There will be Old Time Christmas Market at the Village Museum of Oulunsalo in Oulu, Finland. Sellers have old looking clothes on, they sell old time cookies. The things should be done at home. The sellers should have done the things by themselves. We will see, how Christmas was at old times. Wellcome!

Uteliaat askelet kiiruhtavat Oulunsalon kotiseutumuseon pihalle jo kahdeksan jälkeen lauantaiaamuna täyttämään myyntikojuihin oman myyntipöytänsä. Uteliaana katsotaan ympärille, mitä vieruspöytään laitetaan. Portit avataan lauantaina 14.11.2015 klo 10.


Mrs. Santa Greetings

Jaan jouluiloa sekä joulunaikaan että muulloin. Erityisesti haluan muistuttaa siitä, miten tärkeitä lapset ovat. He tuovat meille kaikille iloa joka päivä kaikkialla maailmassa. Pidetään huolta lapsista!

I share Christmas spirit year-round. Especially I want to remind us about that, how important the children are. They bring joy all of us every day, all over the world. Let´s take care of the children!

Mrs. Santa Greetings

Mrs. Santa will share Christmas spirit year-around from Finland.

Do you already know these animals?

Finnish animals

Mari Pohjanvesi has drawn some Finnish animals.

Mari Pohjanvesi has drawn some Finnish animals from Isosyöte, Finland. Do you like them? She can draw some more, if someone likes them. You can buy these illustrations from her.

Who´s knitted mittens are these?

Knitted mittens from Lapland

Tonttu oli pudottanut revontulilapaset. Kuva Santa Claus 2015

Knitted mittens

Where can I get that kind of knitted mittens? I like them. The story of these mittens is back to 1990, when I bought them from a woman in Northern Finland. She was a very talented knitter as you can see. I´d call the mittens as Aurora Borealis mittens, but they must have another name too.


Näiden lapinlapasten tarina ulottuu 1990-luvulle, jolloin ne on tehty Pohjois-Suomessa suomalaisesta villalangasta, jossa on jotain tekokuitua kestävyyden takaamiseksi. Tekijä on jäänyt tuntemattomaksi, mutta olisi kyllä mukava tietää, kuka tämä oli. Lapasten mallin voisi nimittää revontulilapasiksi kuvion perusteella. Lapaset ovat palvelleet tonttua hyvin, kun niiden sisälle on laitettu nahkakäsineet. Lapissa ja yleensä Suomessa pukeudutaan lämpimästi. Näillä lapasilla on taidettu myös hiihtää, vaikka tosihiihtäjät ilmeisesti käyttävät mieluummin nahkakintaita. Tuo kinnas tai kintas on ainakin minusta oikeasti hanska. Nimityksistä viis, kunhan ne kädessä vain tarkenee.

Jos tiedät jotain lapasten tekijästä tai itse kudot tällaisia, ota yhteyttä alla olevalla lomakkeella. Olisi mukava julkaista kuva niistä.