Santa Claus visiting at the Christmas of the Museum


A short story of candies

It was a cold winter day in Finland when Santa Claus went to meet children before Christmas. There were a lot of children at the village museum with their parents. Santa Claus had some candies in his pocket, but they disappeared suddenly since the children were so eager to taste candies.

– What to do now? There is not any sweets left and a lot of children were coming to the area.

He went to a little house of Mrs. Santa Claus and asked for help. She knew this would happen and had brought much candies in advance. Santa Claus was so happy, because he might be a bit unpractical with these kind of things.

Mrs. Santa Claus was also drawing elves at the museum. She was happy to help Santa Claus with the candies.

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Santa Claus is seeking in vain for candies in his bag, but there are none! He goes to Mrs. Santa Claus and will get them there. All are happy!



Santa Claus got a big bag full of candies from Mrs. Santa Claus to give the children at the museum.

Christmas Market in Finland

Let’s cherish with this video some memories from the year 2016 in theCapital of Scandinavia, Oulu. People call the market by the Finnish name Tiernatori, which is kind of Star Boys´s market place.

It is always cold in Oulu because of the wind, so why don’t you try it once! People are still warm-hearted.

A Trip to Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village is cold but interesting. It is in Lapland, in Rovaniemi, Finland. You can meet me there at several places. As a matter of fact I also spend some time around the world and also in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. The video is taken by Mrs. Santa Claus Finland. Look at the story of a little reindeer, Pallero, who is also traveling around in the Northern Finland.

Top climate research in a forest

Beautiful Finland

What else can you find in Finnish forests than lingonberries, blueberries or bears ..well, for example a top climate research center. Can you see it?

dsc_0217 Hyytiälä Forestry Field station

Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station at Pirkanmaa is located in the middle of the green, dense Finnish forests. Top Finnish climate researchers come to this place every now and then to do some measurements. (Google Maps.)

Nice place to do some work – and relax…

The station belongs to the Department of Forest Sciences at the  University of Helsinki and the research at this place started over a hundred years ago.

The station will also arrange each year a field training courses and summer schools for hundreds of researchers and students. There are also winter schools!

Students live in the middle of the forest in old houses, in idyllic scenery, and swim, take sauna baths, eat well and have fun while studying.

All the research…

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Tilaa joulupukki mökkiin Syötteelle!


Santa Claus. Joulupukki. Kuva Mari Pohjanvesi.

Joulupukki Syötteellä

Joulupukki tulee Syötteen alueelle jouluaattona 2016. Voit heti lähettää tilauksen sihteeritontulle kommenttiosassa. Tonttu tietää, että joulupukilla on pitkä kokemus lahjojen jakamisesta.

Olepas kilttinä, niin saat jouluna paljon lahjoja!

Myös Hotelli Iso-Syötteen ilmoitustaululle laitetaan tarkempia tietoja.


Order Santa Claus for visit you on Christmas Eve, if you are staying at the area of Syöte.

Syöte In Russianоулу+и+регион+оулу/регион+оулу/сюёте/

Syöte in Chinese奥卢市及奥卢地区/奥卢地区/syote+滑雪胜地/