Mrs. Santa Greetings

Jaan jouluiloa sekä joulunaikaan että muulloin. Erityisesti haluan muistuttaa siitä, miten tärkeitä lapset ovat. He tuovat meille kaikille iloa joka päivä kaikkialla maailmassa. Pidetään huolta lapsista!

I share Christmas spirit year-round. Especially I want to remind us about that, how important the children are. They bring joy all of us every day, all over the world. Let´s take care of the children!

Mrs. Santa Greetings

Mrs. Santa will share Christmas spirit year-around from Finland.

Do you already know these animals?

Finnish animals

Mari Pohjanvesi has drawn some Finnish animals.

Mari Pohjanvesi has drawn some Finnish animals from Isosyöte, Finland. Do you like them? She can draw some more, if someone likes them. You can buy these illustrations from her.

Reindeer Mum and its Calf running on a highway in Lapland

In Finland and its Northern parts you can see reindeer walking on the roads, which is not very nice for car drivers. Just looking at them is nice. But they sometimes get into accidents with the cars, so be careful here.

Reindeer Mums are very alert, that their baby calf do not get separated from them. If a photographer disturbs them, Mum can abandon its calf. Drivers have also to be very careful on the road and be prepared to stop anytime to avoid collisions.There are thousands of reindeer flocks and ”families” in Lapland. In Summer reindeer come from the woods escaping the #mosquitos”, which are a peculiar nuisance in Lapland.

In winter the mosquitos are just a memory!