Santa Claus visiting at the Christmas of the Museum


A short story of candies

It was a cold winter day in Finland when Santa Claus went to meet children before Christmas. There were a lot of children at the village museum with their parents. Santa Claus had some candies in his pocket, but they disappeared suddenly since the children were so eager to taste candies. – What to do now? There is not any sweets left and a lot of children were coming to the area.

He went to a little house of Mrs. Santa Claus and asked for help. She knew this would happen and had brought much candies in advance. Santa Claus was so happy, because he might be a bit unpractical with these kind of things.

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Santa Claus is seeking in vain for candies in his bag, but there are none! He goes to Mrs. Santa Claus and will get them there. All are happy!



Santa Claus got a big bag full of candies from Mrs. Santa Claus to give the children at the museum.

A Trip to Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village is cold but interesting. It is in Lapland, in Rovaniemi, Finland. You can meet me there at several places. As a matter of fact I also spend some time around the world and also in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. The video is taken by Mrs. Santa Claus Finland. Look at the story of a little reindeer, Pallero, who is also traveling around in the Northern Finland.

Joulupukki – Santa Claus

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Tässä joulupukki! Tuon sinulle lahjoja jouluna porollani.

Joulupukin elämä on kiinnostavaa, koska tapaan lapsia eri paikoissa. Poroni ovat tottuneet matkustamaan kaikkialla kuten varmaan tiedät. Eräänä päivänä kävimme Kempeleessäkin, josta on raportti lähetetty uutistoimisto CNN:lle.

Vien lahjoja lapsille porollani

Asun Lapissa. Poroni syövät paljon jäkälää joulunaikaan, koska ne vievät lapsille lahjoja kaikkialle maailmaan. Rovaniemi on virallinen kotikaupunkini, josta myös CNN:n toimittajat Roseanne Lake ja Laura Ma kertovat uutistoimistolle.

iReport of CNN.

Rovaniemi is the Official City of Santa Claus in Finland

Asun Korvatunturilla

Vakituinen asuinpaikkani on tietysti Korvatunturilla, Lapissa, Suomessa ja Euroopassa! Kukaan ei ole vieraillut siellä luonani, koska se on tarkoitettu vain perheellemme, tontuille, Joulumuorille ja poroillemme.

Korvatunturi on meidän satumaailmamme ihanan Lapin luonnon helmassa. Vain yksi henkilö on käynyt luonamme. Se on eräs isä.

Starboys are singing

These four singing Star Boys sing into everyones hearth every Christmas in Finland. Drawing made for Christmas Calendar 2014. Santa Claus, Finland.

These four Star Boys sing into everyone´s hearth every Christmas in Finland. Drawing made for Christmas Calendar 2014. Santa Claus, Finland.

This is a tradition especially in Oulu area. Boys make teams of four and start rehearsals for presentations before Christmas. They tell the ”Tiernapojat” story by singing and speaking. It goes always in the same way and people are watching that and giving them some money for good singing and remembering all the words.