Father Christmas


Santa Claus is feeding his Reindeer in Finland.


My life is interesting, because I sometimes meet children in different places. My reindeer are accustomed to travel around as you know. This special day event was sent to iReport of CNN.

I live in Lapland. My reindeer need to eat a lot of reindeer moss to get along at Christmas and bring gifts to all the children in the world. The City of Rovaniemi is the Official City of Santa Claus in Finland as Roseanne Lake and Laura Ma are telling for CNN.

Actually I have my permanent residence in Korvatunturi, Lapland, Finland, Europe. No one has visited me there, since it is only for our Santa Claus Family. It is our Fairy Tail world. There is only one person living in Lapland. who really has met us. It is a Daddy.



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