Santa Claus visiting at the Christmas of the Museum


A short story of candies

It was a cold winter day in Finland when Santa Claus went to meet children before Christmas. There were a lot of children at the village museum with their parents. Santa Claus had some candies in his pocket, but they disappeared suddenly since the children were so eager to taste candies.

– What to do now? There is not any sweets left and a lot of children were coming to the area.

He went to a little house of Mrs. Santa Claus and asked for help. She knew this would happen and had brought much candies in advance. Santa Claus was so happy, because he might be a bit unpractical with these kind of things.

Mrs. Santa Claus was also drawing elves at the museum. She was happy to help Santa Claus with the candies.

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Santa Claus is seeking in vain for candies in his bag, but there are none! He goes to Mrs. Santa Claus and will get them there. All are happy!



Santa Claus got a big bag full of candies from Mrs. Santa Claus to give the children at the museum.

Visiting Linnukka school

Mrs. Santa visited a Finnish elementary school in Liminka, Northern Finland. The teachers and the pupils were waiting my greetings from Santa Claus from Lapland. ”

I found the other horn Rudolf, The Red-Nosed Reindeer had lost in the forest. Here it is! You know, that reindeer change horns every year, so the found one was just natural!


Hei vanhemmat!

Meillä kävi luokassa Joulumuori. Muorilla oli päällä punaiset huopavaatteet. Hän kertoi joulupukin satuja. Hänellä oli mukana nukkejoulupukki, laukku ja pornsarvi. Joulupukkinukke oli mukana, koska muorilla oli ikävä oikeaa joulupukkia.

Muori kertoi ja näytti satuja ja näytti kuvia.


I D-luokka


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The first snow flakes coming down on the trees

Näyttökuva 2015-12-1 kello 14.27.15

Children put their clothes and shoes tidy on their places at Linnukka elementary school.

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Hello parents! We had a visitor from the fell Korvatunturi, where Santa Claus lives. It was exciting!

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Mrs. Santa told at Linnukka school about Santa Claus, elves, Lapland, reindeer and s story of a found reindeer horn.

Mrs. Santa Greetings

Jaan jouluiloa sekä joulunaikaan että muulloin. Erityisesti haluan muistuttaa siitä, miten tärkeitä lapset ovat. He tuovat meille kaikille iloa joka päivä kaikkialla maailmassa. Pidetään huolta lapsista!

I share Christmas spirit year-round. Especially I want to remind us about that, how important the children are. They bring joy all of us every day, all over the world. Let´s take care of the children!

Mrs. Santa Greetings

Mrs. Santa will share Christmas spirit year-around from Finland.

Happy Independece Day, Finland!

Happy Independence Day for us, Finland! The elves met on their way to Korvatunturi, Lapland, these two Sami children. It was nice to meet other Finnish children, who can speak another language, like ”saamenkieli” in Finnish. The children and the elves are celebrating this day in the arctic hill. They may soon see also the fireworks of Nature, the Northern lights, like some say Aurora Borealis.

Happy Independence Day, Finland! Drawing of Santa Claus

Happy Independence Day, Finland! We are Finnish Sami children from Lapland. Drawing of Santa Claus Blog.