Visiting Linnukka school

Mrs. Santa visited a Finnish elementary school in Liminka, Northern Finland. The teachers and the pupils were waiting my greetings from Santa Claus from Lapland. ”

I found the other horn Rudolf, The Red-Nosed Reindeer had lost in the forest. Here it is! You know, that reindeer change horns every year, so the found one was just natural!


Hei vanhemmat!

Meillä kävi luokassa Joulumuori. Muorilla oli päällä punaiset huopavaatteet. Hän kertoi joulupukin satuja. Hänellä oli mukana nukkejoulupukki, laukku ja pornsarvi. Joulupukkinukke oli mukana, koska muorilla oli ikävä oikeaa joulupukkia.

Muori kertoi ja näytti satuja ja näytti kuvia.


I D-luokka


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The first snow flakes coming down on the trees

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Children put their clothes and shoes tidy on their places at Linnukka elementary school.

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Hello parents! We had a visitor from the fell Korvatunturi, where Santa Claus lives. It was exciting!

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Mrs. Santa told at Linnukka school about Santa Claus, elves, Lapland, reindeer and s story of a found reindeer horn.

Reindeer Mum and its Calf running on a highway in Lapland

In Finland and its Northern parts you can see reindeer walking on the roads, which is not very nice for car drivers. Just looking at them is nice. But they sometimes get into accidents with the cars, so be careful here.

Reindeer Mums are very alert, that their baby calf do not get separated from them. If a photographer disturbs them, Mum can abandon its calf. Drivers have also to be very careful on the road and be prepared to stop anytime to avoid collisions.There are thousands of reindeer flocks and ”families” in Lapland. In Summer reindeer come from the woods escaping the #mosquitos”, which are a peculiar nuisance in Lapland.

In winter the mosquitos are just a memory!

Reindeer emerged suddenly from the Dark

The Elves met Santa Claus´reindeer practicing for Christmas Eve. Drawing by Santa Claus for Christmas Calendar.

The Elves met Santa Claus´ reindeer practicing for Christmas Eve. Drawing by Santa Claus for Christmas Calendar 2014.

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