A Doll Dressed in an Original Sami Costume

Christmas calendar on the eight of December shows this little and beloved doll from the 1950`s. She lived in Lapland, but she had to move from there with her lady. They moved from Lapland because of the lady´s work. The elves never move to the South. Lucky them!

A doll dressed in Lappish Costume is a dear friend of an adult lady.

A doll dressed in a traditional Lapland, Sami, costume is a dear friend of an adult woman. Photo of Santa Claus.

Happy Independece Day, Finland!

Happy Independence Day for us, Finland! The elves met on their way to Korvatunturi, Lapland, these two Sami children. It was nice to meet other Finnish children, who can speak another language, like ”saamenkieli” in Finnish. The children and the elves are celebrating this day in the arctic hill. They may soon see also the fireworks of Nature, the Northern lights, like some say Aurora Borealis.

Happy Independence Day, Finland! Drawing of Santa Claus

Happy Independence Day, Finland! We are Finnish Sami children from Lapland. Drawing of Santa Claus Blog.