Nameless elves on the way to Lapland

Nimettömät tontut

Two nameless elves are trying to find the way back to Lapland and their home. But how?

The elves are trying to get home on the second day of December. This is todays´hatch to open. They are glad now because it is rather warm. The weather might however suddenly change and there might be snow and cold. It is usual in Finland as the nameless elves know.

Toisen päivän luukku joulukalenterissa on tämä: Pikkutontut ovat matkalla Korvatunturille. Heidän pitää vain löytää sinne. Nyt on lämmintä, mutta pian voi tulla kylmä, lunta ja pakkasta.

Greetings of German and Australian students

Here are international students in Rovaniemi, at Santa Claus Village Museum. They are from Germany and Australia and were really happy for waiting to see Santa in a long line. And also in meeting a real Elf.